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Our Silk Curling Band is made with the highest grade 6A/22MM long fiber mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is gentle on hair, and will prevent frizziness keeping your curls soft and shiny.

Our scrunchies are made from 100% satin charmeuse. Satin charmeuse is gentle on hair and will not leave creases like regular hair ties.

"This is the best hair curling item that I've ever purchased. It really works, and I don't need to spend hours curling my hair in the morning."

Katrina A, New York, NY.

"Most heatless hair curlers are gimmicks and never work for me, but this REALLY works, and it's so easy to create perfect looking curls everyday."

Giselle F, Miami, FL.

"Where has this curling band been my whole life?! I have suffered from split ends and damaged hair my whole life from using heat tools. Now I can get perfect curls with no damage!"

Celine Z, Los Angeles, CA.

How to use the silk curling band?

Step 1: Start with slightly damp hair ~90% dry.

Step 2: Place the middle of the band on the top of your head and fasten it with the hair clip.

Step 3: Divide your hair into two sections, start rolling small sections of hair around the band in the direction going away from your face. Once the hair is all wrapped around the band, fasten the end with the scrunchie. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Remove the clip from the top of your head. Leave the band in your hair for 3-6 hours or until your hair is dry.


Get your beauty sleep!️ In the morning take off the scrunchies and shake the band out of your hair. Voilá! Perfect HEATLESS curls!